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Decemboobs 2016, Entry 22 by Reinder Decemboobs 2016, Entry 22 by Reinder
I had a bunch of different plans for today, but then I spent more time than expected on my webcomic Abúi's Travels. And I found this source image from MellowॐMami, which I had stored in my Tumblr likes last year to draw this year. Now, this image would not have made the cut as I'd already done several images with girls standing in tight tops this year, and I'd already done several images based on selfies this year, and I'd already done several images based on black girls with big hair this year. But the expression on this source photo was awesome, and it so happens that this exact scene shown in the original post will happen in a new webcomic I have planned for 2017 - a character admiring herself in the mirror, sticking her tongue out at her nipples and making a selfie. So why not use this as a practice piece for that same scene? I decided to do this one in a more cartoonish way instead of spending too much time getting all the details right. I then used the color scheme (skin tone, clothing colors) of the character Adrienne from Abúi's Travels, because that is the general appearance I will be going for with that character. (In fact, the new character will have a similar name and have several other characteristics in common with the existing character.) I slapped in a sci-fi background just because. 
bluewingfairy Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
my friend, nice cartoon art.
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